It finally dawned on you, there is something to be said about healthy eating and exercise. So you decided the best route to the exercise piece was to get a bike.

You went to Amazon-- found the bike for you and ordered it. Since you're on Amazon Prime shipping was free and expedited. Three days later a big truck pulled up to your driveway -- Two men proceeded to unload a huge box, which upon your instruction and with your supervision, they deposited in your garage.

You immediately noticed two brightly colored stickers one which read: "Handle with care" and the other which made your heart sink, read "Assembly Required".

Upon opening the box you discovered" two tires, a seat, handlebars, a frame, a box containing the pedals, a chain, brakes, other assorted gears nuts, bolts, and brake components.

You breathe a sigh and prepare to assemble those various components part which on their own are not a bike until they are put together.

Exercise on the road to healthy living will not be yours until all the parts are assembled.

This illustration given to me by my brother in Christ Arne Abrahamson brings to light that each believer is a component that when fit together form the church of Christ.

The Apostle Paul has given a very fitting admonition for the believer today- Hebrews 10: 25a "Not forsaking the assembling of our selves together as the manner of some is..."

Covid, the CDC, and government edits have caused many churches and ours as well to close meeting houses out of an abundance of caution so as not to spread the virus. We shut down for a relatively short period of time but immediately began our growing telephone ministry.

God has used that technology not only to keep us together as a spiritual family but also to expand our ministry beyond the walls of the meeting house.

Several months ago we opened our doors to let in any who would worship together, to assemble together physically. Manyhave done so. "Praise the Lord!"

Psalm 68:6 "God setteth the solitary in families..."

We are members of the human family and require the love and compassion of others. The members of Christ's family need, no require the fellowship of one another. We cannot survive in the oppressive atmosphere of America's secular society for a long period of time before we suffocate from its constant bombardment of their antichristian philosophies and worldview!

Hebrews 10:25 told us "not to forsake assembly"
10:25b tells us why: "but exhorting one another and so much more as ye see the day approaching"

If you have been listening to the Amwell Bible Study of Revelation on Wednesday evenings you know we are fast approaching the Rapture!

There is safety, blessing, nourishment, strength, and joy in the assembling of ourselves together. It is spiritual exercise we desperately need to carry on each day.

If you are reading this blog and you are not sick, not distant geographically. I invite you to begin the process of coming back to "church".

Do it in a manner that is safe for you-- don't look to what others do or how they do it.
Pray, fear not, trust the Lord.

After more than a year apart it's time to claim the truth of Psalm 118:8: "it is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man".